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Update Call to Arms in Albion Online.

So, the new update in Albion Online is called Call to Arms. Actually, players will have to prepare for a completely redesigned faction war. And accordingly, a completely new playable faction, new mounts, and much more were added.

What will give us and what does the Call to Arms update represent in general? So, this update will introduce Caerleon as a fully playable sixth faction, built around “lawlessness”. A brief description of what will be added on March 17 is given below, or you can read the official announcement of the update:

  • The Sixth Playable Faction: Caerleon.
  • Elite Faction Mounts.
  • Caerleon has been updated and expanded.
  • Added new event to the attacks of the bandits.
  • Hell’s Gate has been redesigned and added. system of a shame Hell’s Gate.
  • Updated Factional Warfare system, including Factional Ranks, Campaigns, and more.
  • There were also many changes to the combat balance.

This list is quite small, but it will soon increase. I hasten to remind you that Albion Online is also working hard to ban third-party currency traders, trying to make the game better for all participants.

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