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The release date of the VIII season of “Dynasty” Conqueror’s Blade has been announced.

Good news for you, the international publisher MY. GAMES and the developer studio Booming Games have announced the release date of the VIII season of “Dynasty” in the medieval action game Conqueror’s Blade, inspired by ancient Chinese history. In honor of this, the team released a cinematic trailer dedicated to the theme of the season. The update will be launched on July 8, 2021.

  • A new map. With new wars, the commander will be able to go to the battle for the Linu fortress – a legendary stronghold, the defenders of which once withstood a forty-year siege. This new map for the “Siege ” mode will allow two teams of ten players to come together in spectacular battles for dominance over the famous fortress.
  • Replenishment of the weapons arsenal. With the dawn of a new era in military affairs, the range of weapons will expand to twelve samples with the advent of the pike. With its use, the hero will be able to keep his opponents at a distance, and destructive combinations of skills will be able to convincingly complete any dispute.
  • The new capital. Season VIII: Dynasty draws inspiration from the history of the Tang Dynasty, whose three centuries of rule are rightfully considered an era of prosperity in China, and the plot of the new campaign will shed light on the main events that led to the power of the Qing Dynasty. The generals will be able to go to Longting, a new starting region created in the style of ancient traditions of East Asia, with its capital in Zongzhou. In this metropolis, the commanders who are tired of battles will be able to meet and talk peacefully.
  • Seasonal squads. With the launch of the season, three new units will appear in Conqueror’s Blade, inspired by the heroes and legends of Luntin: combat monks-defenders of the weak and humiliated, who have mastered the secrets of martial arts perfectly; gray Watch – the most experienced fighters who are fiercely dedicated to their work; guards from Modao ( – elite fighters whose experience and iron endurance are ideal for frontal attacks.


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