The patch for Path of Exile will not be released this week.

A little to your chagrin, but it looks like patch 3.13.2 for Path of Exile won’t go live this week as originally planned, due to a problem discovered by the team.

Patch 3.13.2 was supposed to introduce several performance improvements ahead of the 3.14 expansion called Ultimatum. In fact, a live broadcast is scheduled for April 8, which will show Path of Exile 2 along with the Ultimatum expansion.

Grinding Gear Games tweeted a brief update of the patch and explained their reasons for rejecting it,

“We indicated yesterday that we expect to release patch 3.13.2 this week. We discovered an issue during testing that is serious enough that we can’t safely deploy the patch before the New Zealand holiday weekend. We’ll let you know about our new ETA soon. We apologize for the delay.”

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