New World: new location Windsward and the excursion

Windsward location

Amazon Games has posted a new video introducing Windsward from the upcoming MMORPG New World. This is a vast place filled with various natural resources for players to go for.

In a small town near the center of the region, you will find a forge and an equipment station for making new melee weapons and clothing. There is also the option to visit the lounge, leather processing area and workshop to create your own ranged weapons or furniture.

To the north of the town is the Temple of Amrin, where a well-guarded treasure is hidden. In the fort located to the northwest, factions fight for control of the land. You will also find many farms scattered throughout the region. If you want to go fishing, talk to a local fisherman who can be found casting a line near the settlement.

It is noteworthy that the New World developers showed the Windsward region back in 2018, but the trailer has already been deleted.

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