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Intrepid Studios Is Hosting Its Next Live Broadcast for Ashes of Creation

It has been revealed that Intrepid Studios is hosting its next live broadcast for Ashes of Creation later today. If you’re thinking about setting up, here are the details you need to know.

This broadcast is scheduled for 11a PDT / 2p ET today on the official Twitch channel, so you have some time before the show starts. During these live broadcasts, the team usually answers questions from the community in the form of questions and answers. Unfortunately, you missed the question submission period, as it usually ends 24 hours before the start of the live broadcast. But nevertheless, the community asked a lot of questions on the forums. For example, one commenter asked about caravans, as they will be quite an important feature in Ashes of Creation

– Could you tell us more about the mechanics of caravans? Is this an automated process where the caravan automatically moves between nodes, or will players have some control over their caravans, or perhaps the routes they choose?”

In several related news, Intrepid Studios ‘ lead game designer Geoffrey Bard announced his departure from the studio earlier. Jeff continues to pursue his passions in the virtual space. At parting, he thanked the employees of “Fearless”.,

“It is thanks to the many hardworking and incredibly talented developers at Intrepid Studios that we continue to move forward on our development path. With Alpha One coming soon, our team returning to the studio, and the huge growth we’ve had over the past year, the future for Intrepid and Ashes of Creation is bright.”

Creative Director Stephen Sharif also intervened,

“We’ve had some amazing memories together over the last few years. I am incredibly excited about your future and happy that you are pursuing your passions. The team and the community thank you for your hard work on the ashes.I’m gonna miss you, buddy.”

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