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Grinding Gear Games shared their plans for crafting the harvest.

So, the developers of Path of Exile-Grinding Gear Games have shared their plans for crafting the harvest in a new manifesto.

This time, they start by stating that they are going to make more changes to Crop Crafting from 3.14.0 due to concerns about how” deterministic ” some crafts are. In addition, they are concerned about PoE currency and how easily people can create items that are almost perfect.

To this end, the team discusses their initial Harvest Crafting plan and how they incorporated it into the main game in 3.13. A later analysis of this integration revealed that players felt rather overwhelmed by the many crafting options available. They were also frustrated that the only way to get the “best ” items was to effectively join the trade Discord. And also, the group outlined a few changes in section 3.14. Some of these changes include how only some seeds will give an example of the craft of that seed. In addition, they touched on mods:

  • The probability of encountering a portal to the Sacred Grove on the map is increased by 60%.
  • Finally, the Heart of Grove encounter will now be a map fragment that will only ever provide a level 4 harvest boss drop.
  • Crafts that add certain types of mods (such as Physical Modifiers) to items can now only be applied to non-influenced items, with the exception of an existing mod that applies an influenced mod to an influenced item.

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