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Тhe team behind Аshes of Creation has removed the verbal NDA.

So, the team behind Аshes of Creation has removed the verbal NDA associated with their alpha. However, the visual NDA still applies Yesterday, this information was posted on Twitter through official channels, stating the following:

As already explained, you still can’t share screenshots or videos outside of private official channels. Stephen Sharif addressed the Discord in the game to provide some additional information about the partial withdrawal of this NDA,

“Good Afternoon, Glorious Ash Community. Today, I have made the decision to exempt our current Alpha One testers from their verbal NDA during all previous Alpha One pre-tests and future tests. The Visual NDA remains in effect until July. I made this decision so that the community can discuss the experience gained and the progress made with the Ashes project, pending the full release of the NDA in July. Of course, it’s important to note that the Alpha One experience isn’t designed for content testing. But instead, we need to keep the core systems in their bare state and test our technical architectures, giving us the ability to optimize and fix bugs. I hope you enjoy the conversation. Keep it constructive! Many: heart: to all of you, and especially to our testers!”

This development follows Stephen Sharif of Ashes of Creation recently announcing a delay to Alpha One testing, which was supposed to start in June but will now start on July 14 and run until August 13. Stephen mentioned the launch of several games during the June period, which contributed to the decision to postpone their alpha release. And as a result of this delay, the refund policy has been extended from 30 days to 90 days if you purchased an Alpha Package that is retroactive to May 5 of this year.

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